Cafe scene has only recently begun to blossom

Although Jordanians have been drinking coffee since the 15th century, Amman’s cafe scene has only recently begun to blossom, with a number of independent, espresso-style cafes now open in the capital. Local coffee roasters, combination cafe-bookshops and terraces with spectacular views have popped up across the city, from West Amman to the hipster neighbourhood of Jebel Lweibdeh.


Rumi Café

Rumi is a Lweibdeh institution. Starting out as a tiny space, it has now been expanded and redesigned with geometric patterned charcoal-and-white floor tiles alongside handmade reclaimed wooden furniture and tables. Rumi is justifiably popular, largely thanks to the atmosphere cultivated by the genuinely friendly and welcoming staff. Pass by on a weekday morning for a cappuccino and fresh croissant, and you’ll find folk enjoying the sunny patio on Lweibdeh’s main thoroughfare, Kulliyat al Sharee’ah. By night, it transforms into the throbbing heart of the neighbourhood. The cafe’s tea selection has won many hearts, served in individual vintage teapots, in particular the cardamom-spiced Iraqi tea and the Iranian tea with rosewater. As the poet Rumi, the cafe’s namesake, said, ‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray’.


Dimitri’s Coffee

Dimitri’s Coffee was born from the passion of owner Hisham ‘Dimitri’ Abubaker, who travelled the world for four years visiting coffee roasters. His mission was to establish a speciality coffee roastery in his hometown of Amman, and Hisham’s commitment is evident in the range of coffee available. There are no less than six single-origin coffees and various manual brew methods, including aeropress, siphon, pour-over and chemex. Hisham is a master at customer service and has passed this onto his staff, winning fans from his first cafe near Mecca St and the second outpost in Abdali. You’ll taste the difference from any standard coffee shop brew when you order a pour-over using Costa Rica Rojo beans and prepared with the v60 tool.


Caffè Strada

One of few cafes in Amman with a smoke-free policy is Caffè Strada, a social hub just off vibrant Rainbow St, serving Italian coffee as well as cakes, paninis and salads. The baristas are knowledgeable about different roasts of coffee, and they also serve more than 30 types of tea. The vibe is laidback and arty, with regular fun initiatives, such as a design your own coffee cup contest. Try the bresaola, mozzarella, tomato and rocket panini for a light lunch.